If there’s something that makes escape room games unique, it is their potential to bring different kinds of players together and force them to work as a team. If you can’t stand failure, you better choose your teammates wisely because not everyone is made for escape rooms. Here are some traits that your teammates must have if you want to succeed:


Adapt or lose! This is one of the most important traits that your teammates must have. Why? Because an escape room is not a fixed game, it’s dynamic. Things change all the time, and you need to be able to adapt on the fly. Your time is limited, and there’s no place for hesitation.

Imagine that you’re in the middle of the game, and your team is trying to figure out a clue. Suddenly, one of the team members comes up with a great idea that completely changes how you approach the problem. If the rest of the team can’t adapt to this new idea, you’ll probably waste a lot of time.


If you’re not confident in yourself, you won’t be able to perform at your best. In escape room events, there’s often a lot of pressure because you’re racing against the clock. You need to be able to think clearly, make quick decisions, and stick to them. An insecure team member is more likely to hesitate and second-guess themselves, which can lead you to disaster!


Escape room events demand good leadership. Why? Because you need someone to take charge, make decisions, and keep the team focused. Without a good leader, you won’t take advantage of your team’s potential, and you won’t win this kind of game alone.

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