When you get into escape room games, there are different types of people that you will encounter. Knowing yourself and what kind of player you are is essential if you want to succeed. The following lines will help you determine what type of player you are and how to use your characteristics to your advantage. Let’s check out some profiles:

The Captain: Show your team the path!

If you find yourself taking charge and naturally leading your team to the next move, you are The Captain. You tend to recognize the best course of action, and you usually make a beeline for the goal. You can easily recognize your team’s strengths and know how to use them to make them work effectively together.

The Negotiator: The team speaks through you

If you find yourself being the voice of your team and the one who relays information to the Game Master, you are The Negotiator. In most escape room events, the Game Master will give you small bits of information to help your team move forward. Your challenge is to promote communication within the team and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

The Wallflower: Always hiding a card

You work low profile and don’t like being in the spotlight. You are The Wallflower. You know every team needs a good thinker, and you use your analytical skills to your advantage. You take your time to process information, and you always have a backup plan.

The Organizer: Get this mess in shape!

Everyone is offering great ideas, but everything looks too unclear and confusing. Your team is craving some structure, and that’s when you step in. You’re The Organizer. You have a great ability to see the bigger picture and put pieces into place. You turn crazy ideas into workable plans.


Are Escape Rooms Hard?

The difficulty of the escape room will depend on the game you choose. There are many different options with varying difficulty levels, so there is something for everyone. Some rooms will test your limits if you’re looking for a challenge. However, if you’re interested in an easier game, plenty of those are available.


Searching for An Escape Room In Temecula And Murrieta

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