The school year has just begun, and that means you’re probably looking for ways to bond with your friends from college or high school. You may want to try something new and exciting, like an escape room game. Escape rooms are perfect for developing team building and communication skills while having a ton of fun.


If you’re looking for the best escape room in Temecula, CA, then you need to check out MindTrap Escape Room. Our escape rooms are perfect for groups of friends looking to test their problem-solving skills. We have various rooms with varying difficulty levels, so there’s something for everyone. Contact us today and enjoy our escape room events!




Why You Should Play In Our Escape Rooms Games


1) Develop Team Building Skills

You and your friends will have to work together to escape the room within the hour. This is a great way to develop teamwork skills as you will have to communicate with each other to figure out the clues.


2) Sharpens Your Patience

You will have to solve a series of puzzles to escape the room. This can be frustrating at times, but it’ll sharpen your patience.


3) Strengthens Your Relationships With Friends

An escape room at MindTrap Escape Room is a great bonding experience for you and your friends. If you met them a few weeks ago, all the better. This is a great way to get to know your friends better and strengthen your relationships.


3 Escape Room Events You Can Book With Us

1) Taken

Description: “Your pals invited you to a brand new escape room in Old Town, but what you thought would be a fun night ended up being your worst nightmare. You and your friends awaken locked inside a cell while someone claiming to be the “GAME MASTER” observes you. You have just 30 minutes to participate in their game and save your life”.


This room is recommended for players above 10 years old and has an intermediate difficulty of 7/10.


2) 40 Thieves

Description: “It is said that in a distant land, among the dunes, shopkeepers have been protecting a powerful magical item for hundreds of years. It’s difficult to imagine what would happen if the relic fell into the wrong hands.


You and your friends are now racing against time to save and rebuild the market before the dreaded 40 Thieves can summon their leader.” 


It has an advanced difficulty, and we recommend bringing a group of 4-6 people!


3) Gold Rush

Description: “El Dorado County is withholding the nation’s richest secrets just below the surface. Kanaka Jack is said to know where a hidden mine is located – if you find it, you will become more rich than you ever could have imagined! This escape game with a life-changing secret will bring your whole friend group together.” 


It has an intermediate difficulty of 5/10.


Make Unforgettable Memories With Your Friends At MindTrap Escape Room

Stop searching for an “escape room near me”! At MindTrap Escape Room, we’re dedicated to providing our guests with the best escape room experience possible. Our rooms are perfect for groups of friends looking to bond and have a great time. Contact us today and book your event! We look forward to seeing you soon!