Your birthday is a great opportunity to celebrate with your friends, family, or co-workers. Most common birthday celebrations include a cake, presents, and maybe even a card. But why not do something different this year? Make your birthday memorable by visiting us at MindTrap Escape Room!

MindTrap Escape Room is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday in Temecula. Our escape room events are perfect for groups of all sizes and ages, and we offer a variety of escape room themes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your b-day party.


Meet Our Unique Escape Room Themes

We have designed our escape room events to provide our visitors with the ultimate challenge. Every occasion is different, and our escape room themes are all unique. Here are just a few of our escape room themes that you and your guests can enjoy:

  • Area 51: Help an alpha alien escape from a secret government facility.
  • Taken: Escape from a strange house before your kidnapper comes back.
  • Conspiracy of Tia Canyons Corps: Unravel the threads of a massive worldwide conspiracy and expose the truth before time runs out.
  • Gold Rush: Embark on a treasure hunt that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
  • The 40 Thieves: Restore a mystical bazaar among the dunes before the dreaded 40 Thieves can summon their leader.

As you can see, MindTrap Escape Room has fun escape room themes for everyone. No matter your interests, we have an escape room event that will suit your requirements.

What to Expect During Your Birthday Party at Mindtrap Escape Room

We offer a full-service birthday experience, so you and your guests will have a blast. Our B-Day Package includes:

  • 60 minutes in your preferred escape room (up to 6 people)
  • An exclusive party room for you and your guests
  • A big-screen TV with the best Jackbox Games
  • Board games to enjoy while eating
  • Air Hockey or Skee Ball
  • Custom Invitations

We also offer optional food add-ons to ensure that everyone at your party has a great time. Ready to make your birthday unforgettable? Stop googling “escape room near me” and book your escape room event with us today!