Escape rooms are a fun, challenging, and exciting way to test your wits and problem-solving skills. These unique settings can be tricky to beat on your first attempt. Here’s where you could use a few tips to help you out. This blog post will give you 4 tips for beating an escape room.

How Does A Escape Room Work?

Escape rooms are all about teamwork. Before diving into having the best time in escape rooms, we think it’s essential for you to know how they work.


  • Choose an adventure: Escape rooms have different themes and difficulty levels. Choose one that’s appealing to your group and suits your skill set.
  • Solve the puzzles and riddles: Solving exciting and cleverly designed puzzles, deciphering codes, finding keys, and cracking the case are just a few challenges you may encounter.
  • Overcome the challenge before the time runs out: You must complete all your challenges within the timeframe. These may vary depending on the escape room and your personal goals too.

Tips & Hints For An Escape Room

Communication: Share Your Findings & Insights

The key to any successful escape room is communication. Share it with the group as soon as you find something—a clue, a new puzzle, a hint. This way, everyone can benefit from your findings and collaborate to solve the challenge quickly and efficiently.

Pay Attention: Listen To Your Game Guide

Your game guide will provide important clues and hints throughout the experience, so pay attention. If you don’t understand what the manual says, ask for clarification. Your game guide may have a few last-minute tips that could help your team succeed in its mission.

Collaboration: Organize Your Clues & Puzzles’ Answers

It’s essential to keep your clues and puzzles organized. Develop a system that works best for you. It’s also helpful to have someone in charge of managing the team’s efforts—this keeps everyone on track and ensures that all the pieces come together and that no clue is missed.

Be Creative: Think Outside The Box

Creativity can be your team’s best asset in an escape room. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box—divergent thinking might help you crack the toughest puzzles.

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