An escape room is an immersive, fixed-time, real-life adventure game. You are locked up in a room where you and your team have to solve (one or multiple) puzzles to escape. If the escape room challenges have caught your attention, you’ve found the perfect place to start. This simple guide will show you all the details you need to excel in your first game! Read on to become an expert!

Executing The Perfect Escape Room Plan

The most critical part of executing a perfect escape room plan is to take advantage of the team you are with. Communication is key to understanding individual roles and strengths within the challenge.

Select A Theme

Choosing a good theme for your team is also essential. Whether it’s a horror-themed room or a historical puzzle, ensure everyone knows what they’re getting into before entering the room.

Put Your Team Together

Before you start, put your team together and decide who will be the leader. This person should have a good sense of teamwork to provide guidance.

Meet Your Game Guide

They’ll introduce you to the rules and answer your questions before the game starts. Pay close attention to the lore, as it might hide a few keys to solve the challenge.

Brainstorm Strategies

Once you have identified roles within the group, it’s time to brainstorm strategies for tackling the challenge. Discuss different approaches that might work together.

The Game Begins

Your team will start the game by watching a mission video explaining the escape room’s setting, goals, and time limit. Begin by searching the room for patterns or connections and communicating with your teammates. Together you can find solutions.

MindTrap Escape Room Offers An Endless Variety Of Themes

Escape rooms are a new and exciting way to experience storytelling. By combining social interaction with challenging adventures, each room immerses you into entirely new worlds that feel like Hollywood blockbusters. Here are some of the most popular escape room themes for beginners.


  • Area 51: In the alien lab escape room, your goal is to free the aliens. You’ll make your way through by solving puzzles. Become the alien rescue response team hero!
  • Taken: In this escape room, you’ve been kidnapped by the “Game Master.” You must solve his puzzles to free yourself and your team.
  • 40 Thieves: In the 40 Thieves escape room, you are in a far-off land, a bazaar full of mythical and magical objects. You must be careful not to fall into the hands of the 40 thieves while you find your way out.

Are You Ready To Play At MindTrap Escape Room?

Escaping requires finding clues, solving puzzles, and teamwork. Escape rooms provide an exit from the monotony of everyday life and are perfect for bonding events. If you’re looking for an escape room “near me” to unleash your inner Sherlock, MindTrap Escape Room is the ideal place to visit.

At MindTrap Escape Room, we have a variety of exciting escape rooms with diverse themes, such as secret labs and heart pumping scenarios. Mind trap escape room allows you to experience an intense adventure and immersive experience! Work through mind-bending puzzles that challenge problem-solving skills and team collaboration. Get in touch with us and book now!