We need your support!

Now more than ever small businesses badly need the help of their communities. We are no longer allowed to operate because of COVID-19 better known as the “Corona virus”. Unfortunately, many of the protections extended to residents of California are not extended to businesses and we have many bills to pay to continue to stay open. This is not a side hobby for us but our full-time job and passion. We absolutely love bringing fun and adventure to Murrieta/Temecula and have absolutely no plans on going anywhere. We would like to offer discounted gift certificates to anyone who would like to help. We get some money now to help get through this time and you get a future adventure or early Christmas shopping done and save some money! Hopefully, this is a win-win for everyone. You do not need any special codes just purchase one below and you will receive an email with your certificate within 48 hours. From our family at MindTrap Escape Room, thank you for your continued support!

*Any Gift Certificates purchased through this special offer will NOT activate until June 1st, 2020. You will not be able to make a reservation with one until this date.


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